Pacific Offshore Academy III

Sun, 2014-01-26 21:00

POA #3, January 26, at Richmond Yacht Club, will follow our now-popular format of stand-up talks interspersed with “bird of a feather” breakout sessions.  Our seminar-master is still shuffling topics and speakers a bit to provide a cogent and useful afternoon, and the focus will be on gearing up for some of the intermediate-range projects that many of us are just starting to think about.  These include:

  • ·        Optimizing your boat (Racing or Cruising)
    • o   Maximize your existing assets
    • o   Weight considerations
    • o   Easy (unrated) improvements, like bottom condition
  • ·        Practice with Crew
    • o   Validate ability and compatibility!
    • o   Suggested races
  • ·        Breakouts by Race program, Boat Type, and Specific Topics
  • ·        Provisioning, Gear and Food Storage
    • o   Boat “Culture” (Luxury vs Hardcore vs Doublehanded, eg)
  • ·        Getting home
    • o   Shipping vs Sailing
    • o   Representatives of shippers will be there
  • ·        Insurance
  • ·        Open session
  •  ·        Social Hour (Two hours, actually)