The FUN Race from San Francisco Bay Area to Kaneohe, Hawai'i!

About the Pacific Cup Yacht Club

The Pacific Cup Yacht Club was formed to run the Pacific Cup race from San Francisco Bay to Hawaii. Originally a loose organization operating out of Ballena Bay Yacht Club, the club incorporated in the 1980s to take firmer control of the race and its finances.

The members and board of the club are firmly committed to running a race that is competitive, fun, and safe, and operate the race with a focus on preparation and openness to a wide range of entrants, from tiny double handers to mega yachts and from family adventures to well-tuned racing syndicates.


Membership is open to people who support the race.

2022 Race Pacific Cup Board and Officers

  • Commodore Hawkeye King
    Vice Commodore Bob Hinden
    Rear Commodore Cory Schillaci
    Treasurer Eric Tecza
    Secretary Elizabeth Bishop
    Staff Commodore Jim Quanci
    Director Kit Wiegman
    Director Jeff Duvall
    Director Bobbi Tosse
    Director Harold Marsh
    Director Julia Paxton
    Director Michael Moradzadeh
    Director Patrick Lewis

You can read our bylaws here.

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